Congrats on buying a new car, or maybe you just purchased a used one. Irrespective, you now have a car that will make the commute to school, work, gym or a friend’s place easier. Driving itself is an empowering experience, but before who decide to take charge of the accelerator, it is important to understand the legal state requirements for operating a car.

One of the primary aspects of buying a vehicle is ensuring that the automotive is registered with the local motor department. In case you get stopped by a police mobile, and you don’t have a valid vehicle registration, you are likely to pay a hefty amount as fines.

Virginia residents require a valid motor registration for all trucks and cars before they hit the roads. In case you are caught driving with expired tags or registration, you could face several consequences which are expensive and inconvenient. Driving in the state without registration can result in legal proceedings and fines. However, in certain cases, the repercussions can be legally mitigated.

It is thereby extremely important to carry your vehicle registration always giving authorities the proof that the car is registered. If the driver cannot provide a valid registration, they can be penalized for driving without registration.

Things have now changed and it gets difficult to take out time to do certain tasks from your already busy schedule. Thus, imagine having to go to court for driving without registration charge. Stressful, right? It is critical to have an experienced Virginia traffic lawyer who knows the ins and outs of DMV requirements. From trial process to sentencing tendencies, a good attorney will help you understand everything related to driving without registration charge. In addition, they will also assist in fighting your ticket to give you the peace of mind in such inconvenient situations.

Requirements for vehicle registration

It is important for a driver to comply with all requirements set in place by Virginia if they want to register a vehicle. A driver must register a vehicle within 30 days of purchasing or getting the ownership of the vehicle. In case, a driver fails to comply with the requirements, they will be unable to obtain vehicle registration resulting in DMV and other traffic charges. In order to obtain vehicle registration in Chesterfield Virginia, the driver must show evidence of the following:

  • Virginia vehicle title

Whether you are driving without registration or an expired registration, it is important to have a Chesterfield Virginia driving without registration lawyer who can help mitigate consequences. An experienced attorney can help you understand your rights and give information about what can happen with a certain ticket.