Driving With a Suspended License in Arlington Virginia

In the state of Virginia, driving with a driver’s license that is suspended or cancelled is a serious violation of the Virginia vehicular code. This is supported mainly by the Commonwealth statue, section 46.2-301, which deals with cases related to the driving with a suspended license in Arlington Virginia.

Laws pertaining to driving with a suspended license in Arlington Virginia prohibits driving when the license is suspended. The initial crime is a misdemeanor of the first level, subject to a fine of $ 2,500 and imprisonment for 12 months. Furthermore, the Code of Virginia also calls for further suspension of the driver’s license for a period of 90 days time. If you find a third charge that is related to driving with a suspended license for 10 years, you can be sentenced for 10 days in prison.

Therefore, it is important that you receive an updated copy of your driver’s license and should be considered by an experienced attorney before the date of the test. There are many reasons why someone’s license can be suspended in Arlington, Virginia. These include the inability to pay legal fees or fines, the child’s non-compliance, and involvement in criminalization related to drugs.

Whereas, driving with a suspended license in Arlington Virginia is a key issue, on the other hand, there are various solutions with the help of which your lawyers can help you in getting out of the certain situation by applying the legal laws and regulations. These solutions include:

Notification of suspension: To determine if you drive a suspended driver’s license, the Commonwealth must show that you have been informed that you have suspended. This is usually determined by interpreting the code in the Department of Motor Vehicles’ record. Thus, to protect you, attorneys review hundreds of Department of Motor Vehicles’ record as they are quite familiar with the code used for several notifications. It is impertaive for the  to the defendant to obtain a copy of their Department of Motor Vehicles driver’s license before they visit their lawyer for a free consultation regarding Driving with a suspended license in Arlington Virginia so that they can determine whether they can justify the charge or not.

Emergency situation: in the case of extreme emergencies, Virginia statutes allow drivers to drive with suspended driver’s licenses, but it can be only in extreme situations like to save someone’s life. Such standards are quite high, but it is very understandable that emergencies take place everywhere. In such situation, your lawyer will help by collecting documents and call witnesses to identify emergencies and provide reliable protection for you in the court.

If you are convicted of committing driving with a suspended license in Arlington Virginia, and your punishment includes the suspension of the license for the long-term, you may qualify to obtain a restricted driver’s license during this period. Limited licenses allow you to travel to work, to school, appoint doctors, religious services, meetings with children and visitors, and a number of other important tasks. However, it is very important that you fully enter the conditions of a restricted license. In this context, your lawyer will give you a full explanation about it and requirement of additional documentation to be kept for safe driving.