Hanover Virginia Driving Without Registration Lawyer

Lawyer for Driving Without Registration in Hanover County, Virginia

In the County of Hanover, Virginia laws related to driving without registration are complicated and may be beyond the comprehension of the layman especially a person arrested for the first time in life. This lack of knowledge may lose you the chance to defend yourself that you could you use in the courtroom. Therefore it becomes extremely significant to consult a lawyer expert in dealing cases related to registration.

Understanding Basics Laws of Registration

Before you jump to any assumption regarding any case it is very important to gain a basic knowledge from a lawyer, of the related-laws. Prior to laws for driving without registration, knowing the laws for registration of a vehicle is important in Hanover, VA. The Hanover County follows the laws for registration set under the Title 46.2. Motor Vehicles Chapter 6, § 46.2-600 of the Code of Virginia. The Code § 46.2-600 states the process for registration:

“Except as otherwise provided in this chapter every person who owns a motor vehicle, trailer or semitrailer, or his authorized attorney-in-fact, shall, before it is operated on any highway in the Commonwealth, register with the Department and obtain from the Department the registration card and certificate of title for the vehicle. Individuals applying for registration shall provide the Department with the residence address of the owner of the vehicle being registered. A business applying for registration shall provide the Department with the street address of the owner or lessee of the vehicle being registered”

Offending the Laws for Registration:

Driving without registration of the vehicle can cause serious fines in Hanover and pull you to the trial. In such a case you need an experienced lawyer so you don’t hold yourself back in the court.   The laws for offense of registration are complicated as they vary according the size and type of the motor vehicles. The Code of Virginia § 46.2-613.1(A) states:

“A civil penalty of $250 and a processing fee of $20 shall be levied against any person who while at a permanent weighing station.” The penalty has various subdivisions and clauses. The section A(4(i)) of the same code states the penalty is charged if the of the vehicle fails to obtain a proper registration card, identification marker, or other evidence of registration as required by Chapter 21 (§ 46.2-2100 et seq.) and same section of the A(4(ii)) states that penalty will be charged if the drives the vehicle that is not registered or does not carry an identification marker  as per the prerequisites of Chapter 21 (§ 46.2-2100 et seq.)

Registration Lawyer in Hanover, VA

If you encountered a traffic ticket for such situation in Hanover an immediate consultation with lawyer is necessary. An experienced registration lawyer knows how to tackle the situation and sort matter in favor of the client. In Hanover County, a well-fought case by the professional registration lawyer may help to reduce fines and charges