Shenandoah Virginia Murder Laws

Shenandoah Virginia Murder and Manslaughter Laws

Manslaughter is the killing of one person by another but one thing to remember is that it is premeditated. In Shenandoah voluntary manslaughter is considered as a serious crime because it is done intestinally but it is not premeditated. This murder happens during the mutual combat and it also occurs when the victim provokes the murderer. There is a difference between murder and manslaughter and we will discuss it in the light of Shenandoah Virginia murder laws.

The difference between Murder and Manslaughter

In Shenandoah, the difference between the manslaughter and the murder is simple. Both involve killing with an intention and purpose. The voluntary manslaughter is different as the killer acts when he has a disturbed thinking and the person is unable to act in his conscious. The emotional excitement of the person results in killing. It happens so because the person is acting for his self-defense but he emotionally overreacts and kills the other person.

Technically the person is acting to kill the other person because he has the intentions to do so but his self-defense is just the heat of passion. So the judge can find that the person is guilty of manslaughter that is voluntary. The reaction to killing the other person is instant. If a person gets the time to cool off and to think twice and after this, he goes and kills the person then it becomes a murder.

How to defense if you have Voluntary Manslaughter Charges?

The possible defenses of the voluntary manslaughter charge are same like other homicide charges that the defendant can raise. As per Shenandoah Virginia murder laws, the possible defenses can be the insanity of the murderer, the actual innocence, the accidental killing, and the intoxication.

Now we are discussing the penalties for the manslaughter. The code is 18.2-32 and it is also known as the heat of passion offense. The thing which is prohibited in voluntary manslaughter is that the killing is intentional but it is not premeditated. For example, the killing can occur due to the mutual fight and the emotions of the killer are also provoked by the victim.

Now read the penalty for this crime and remember that it is a class 5 felony. The imprisonment for this offense is not less than one year but it can be up to 10 years but not more than this. The person can be confined in the jail for 1 year and the possible fine is USD 2,500.

Consulting the Attorney

The voluntary manslaughter is a very serious crime and you must have a perfect and trusted commitment from the lawyer you are hiring for this case. There are chances that your case leads to many trials so more focus should be on facts. It is essential that your lawyer must follow the right and the technical procedure. So you must have a lawyer who knows the Shenandoah laws completely. If you are facing a voluntary manslaughter charge then it is important to connect the defense attorney for trusted assistance.